Complete mixing and filling line

Introducing our new double arms mixer with lifting and dumping capabilities

We just complete with great success, the development of a new 600lb capacity double arms mixer, model MIX300DE, with lifting and dumping capabilities. You can get a complete description of this unit with features and characteristics in the mixer and filler combo section of our web site.

To increase the usefulness of this mixer, we also changed the design of our DV2000 viscous products filler in such a way to allow a direct batch transfer into its 800lb capacity hopper.

A new batch can be prepared while another operator hand fills tubs or bags.

We can easily envision the automatic operation of this filler with our fully automatic filling line model FDS2500 in a configuration shown in the drawing on this page.

Typically, an FDS2500, can easily denest, fill and cap 40 one pound cups per minute.  A 600lb batch would last 15 minutes, in which time another batch can be prepared and dumped into the filler’s hopper, thus allowing a continuous operation for up to one pound capacity container.

Another characteristic of this mixer, which for some can be important, is that it can be installed in a production room having a ceiling as low as 9ft high. For someone not having such restriction, we can easily double the capacity of the complete system to allow continuous operation for larger size containers.